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  • All waxing occurs in a private room.
  • A general rule hair needs to be 2-3 cm if it’s fine and 3-4 cm if hair is course.
  • Strip wax is used for legs and hot wax is used for all sensitive areas.
  • The best waxers are fast which means more comfort.
  • Once the waxing is complete a soothing lotion will be applied.
  • The procedure. Like any waxing, can be uncomfortable but frequent visits usually cut down on the pain factor. The hairs become softer and finer.
  • You may experience red bumps or ingrown hairs, caused when hairs curl under the skin. Avoid ingrown hairs with regular exfoliation with exfoliation gloves and/or a body scrub. You can treat existing ingrown hairs with Hovans Group GOLD BODY LOTION with tea oil which is available in SALON. Tea tree oil is very good for keeping ingrown hairs at bay.
  • Typically you will need to wax every 3 – 6 weeks depending on your hair growth.
  • Alternatively you may wish to try IPL (Intense Pulse light) which removes hairs permanently after a minimum of 4 Treatments.